Gas Combi Ovens

– 230 V. 50 Hz operation power.
– Lpg or Natural Gas.
-ECO function for consumption reduction in cooking.
-PLUS extra power function (gas).
-SC2 semi automatic washing.
-Cooking modes: manual o r programmable selection, 99 programs with 4 phases of whom 7 are standard, 3 re-heating programs, 5 smoking, 4 Low Temperature and 1 Delta T.
-Single-point temperature core probe.
-UR2 automatic humidity control while cooking.
-RDC steam generator with low management cost.
-Automatic fan reverse AWC, 2 fan speeds.
-Digital controls.
-Manual steam injection.
-Self-diagnosis with malfunction alarms.
-IPX5 protection degree.
-Door double temperated glazing.
-AISI 304 stainless steel polished cooking chamber ,with  AISI 316L (1,2 mm) top and bottom and rounded edges without joints.
-Handle with double handgrip, easier opening also with hands full.
-Automatic Cooling and Preheating.
-Start-up time selection.
-Display of set and current cooking values.
-Low temperature steam and Superheated steam.

Code Description Dimensions
Loading Capacity
a b c
EMP.CBG24 Gas Combi Oven 12 Gn 2/1 1178x1064x1722 283 2.9 32.5 335
EMP.CBG24-AS Bottom Stand 12 Gn 2/1 1210x860x600 32 0.6    
EMP.CBG40 Gas Combi Oven 40 Gn 1/1 1190x1074x1795 449 3.4 55.5 560
EMP.CBG40.TA-16 Tray Carrying Trolley and Tray Kit 716x927x1700 77 1.5   32 GN-1/1
16 GN-2/1
EMP.CBG40.TA-20 Tray Carrying Trolley and Tray Kit 716x927x1700 77 1.5   40 GN-1/1
20 GN-2/1